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Our Mission is to connect every facet of the Healthcare Industry with skillful Healthcare candidates.
Starting in the Nurse Staffing business in 1997, AllStar Staffing owners DR. Phineus Gold and Rita King, R.N. perceived a need in the Healthcare industry for exemplary caregivers and have continued to supply that demand to the present day through Gold Medical Jobs.
Our emphasis is on attracting the highest caliber Healthcare employees in order to provide our clients with competent, efficient and reliable applicants.
Gold Medical Jobs offers not just a job posting service, but an informative hub for both facilitators and employees to stay “in the know” in regards to items of interest in the Healthcare field.


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From all that is known, the traditional uniform of nurses which was once all about a white hat, white shoes, white stocking and a white starched dress, has now vanished from the medical settings. Since a long time, the nursing uniforms have evolved. Hospitals have their dressing codes changed; each healthcare setting now has its own code for a nursing uniform. It’s just the old movies left where the nurses in traditional white uniform can be observed practicing. Generally, the [...]

The DO’s And Don’ts On Your First Day On The Job

Many young people will have now finished their education and be looking for full-time employment. Some will be in paid work from day one whilst others may start with being minimally paid as they begin their training as an apprentice or intern. Wherever they’re working, the first days in a new job can be daunting. What to Do on Your First Day at Work Be Punctual Ensure that on your first day you’re punctual, not too early and of course not late. [...]

Overcome Anxiety And Stress Before And During An Interview

Hi, I am Dr. Nichole Jacobs, a psychiatrist, having in-depth research on human behavior and attitudes. I have seen enormous people taking the stress, getting panic and nervous about a job interview. No doubt, an interview is such a time, which naturally makes a person nervous and stressed. This natural feeling about the job interview is quite common in people throughout the world. Some of the most frequent signs of anxiety and stress are nail-biting, voice shaking, blank out [...]