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Overcome Anxiety And Stress Before And During An Interview

Overcome Anxiety And Stress Before And During An Interview

Hi, I am Dr. Nichole Jacobs, a psychiatrist, having in-depth research on human behavior and attitudes. I have seen enormous people taking the stress, getting panic and nervous about a job interview. No doubt, an interview is such a time, which naturally makes a person nervous and stressed. This natural feeling about the job interview is quite common in people throughout the world. Some of the most frequent signs of anxiety and stress are nail-biting, voice shaking, blank out and improper body language. Many of the signs of anxiety can be controlled and reduced by adopting some sagacious steps and strategies. Being a psychiatrist, I feel it my responsibility to share some beneficial tips and tricks that lead to marvelous outcomes in an interview.

Be Prepared:
The wise way to deal with an interview is to start preparing for it. It is one of the best ways to combat the stress and anxiety. It has been seen that people often make enormous mistakes in the interview. It is mainly because they have not rehearsed about it. Although the interview questions are entirely unknown to a candidate, yet the preparation can make a huge difference. Figure out the shortcomings that you think an interviewer would be interested to ask. Prepare the best answers for them.
Power Posing:
Interview performance matters a lot. The door to your sweet salary and the luxurious job is your interview. Pass it successfully by facing your fears and overcoming stress. Power posing strengthens and supports a candidate in the best possible way. According to studies, it modifies your body hormonal chemistry by decreasing the stress hormone (cortisol) and increases dominance hormone (testosterone). Give wings to your confidence by using power posing technique.

Breathing Exercise:
Breathing is one of the most effective anxiety-reducing technique that works wonders. Kick out the anxiety by taking a deep breath before an interview. People taking shallow and quick breaths reveals their anxiety and it badly affects their voice and body language. Always remember to breathe properly and have a warm smile in the interview.

Develop Positive Thinking: 
Replace the negative thinking with the positive approach. One can easily get rid of performance anxiety through this strategy. Positive thinking satisfies the soul and reduces nervous to the optimum. One of the most common negative thought is “They won’t select me”. Replace it with the thinking that they are interviewing me because they like my resume. Be calm and keep on thinking positive. Do not take out conclusions from the reactions of the interviewer.

Be Cautious About Your Food:
Avoid taking cold drinks just before the interview as it may cause the constriction of your vocal cords. Hence, the chances of voice trembling increases due to this. Likewise, prevent taking drink or food which contains high sugar content. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as well.  Consider taking warm food.

Mental Imaginary Technique:
Imagine a successful interview in order to calm your brain activity and reduce the stress. Visualize that you confidently answer the questions and impressed the interviewer. Imagining yourself as a failure can bring disastrous outcomes. Make a powerful and brilliant impression on the panel by adopting this technique. Make assumptions, such as your interviewer is much stressed than you. Your desired job is no more away from you when you follow these great tips perfectly. Good luck!

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