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Rita King

Rita King

Hi, It’s Rita here at Gold Medical Jobs. I am interested in knowing if you want to be happy? Are you sure you aren’t? Is it possible you are & just would like to be happier? Most experts say get plenty of rest, exercise, and nutrition. Can’t argue with that because it certainly is a good idea.

So, is your reality meeting your expectations? My guess is it is, at least some of the time. Here is the good news. Being happier is possible. It doesn’t include cannabis, prescription drugs, or even a million dollars. It has to do with that wonderful feeling of satisfaction. Explore ways to get that feeling. Challenge your uncertain, maybe even overwhelming feelings with ways to cope. Get feedback on how you’re doing, whether you’re the leader or the staff, the mother or the child. Listen to what you’re told, remember you asked for it.

If change is required, then commit only when you can, and as much as you are able. Be the Boss of your own professional and/or personal development. Listen to yourself and decide what is motivating and what is not. Follow path you’ve set, carry your passion with you and guess what is down the road? Pleasure. Happier now? I’m rooting for you!

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