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RN Salaries and O! The opportunities!

RN Salaries and O! The opportunities!

Hi RNs. Becoming a registered nurse takes a lot of commitment, and working in the job itself not only requires a specialized set of skills but a special kind of person. Choosing a career as an RN is not something that should be taken lightly, which is why I believe it’s important to get a sense of nursing salaries. This past week at Gold Medical Jobs, while video chatting, I mentioned some stats and truths, which I believe may be of interest to others, as it is an important piece of our being able to work as nurses.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012, the median annual salary for Registered Nurses was $65,470. That means that half of the workers earned more (as high as $94,720) and half earned less, but that number should give you a good idea of how high you should expect your starting salary to be. Depending on your level of expertise, area(s) of specialization, the number of years worth of experiences you’ve gained, and the city and state in which you work, your RN salary can range quite a bit. As for our 50 states, California comes in as the most generous when it comes to RN salaries, with a median salary of $98,400. Next on the list is Hawaii ($88,230), Massachusetts ($85,770), Alaska ($85,740), and Oregon ($82,940). 


Becoming an RN is a step towards a lucrative career in healthcare, thanks to a relatively respectable starting salary. An RN also has access to a versatile career where he or she can seek out different niche areas which they might be passionate about, whether it’s caring for babies or seniors, managing other nurses, or working closely with a physician. Taking a look at nursing salaries will help you see how you’ll be compensated, depending on which direction you decide  to take your nursing career. Some additional good news is that even those who are just entering the nursing profession can goal towards a healthy starting RN salary. The possibilities and income potential have opportunities to improve and are only limited by your willingness to pursue advanced certifications, consider an advanced degree(s), put your talents into creating a business which might be needed in a community and/or seek out a higher-paying employer.


The following are a few advanced nurse specialties: Advanced Practice Nurse,  Certified Gerontological Nurse Practitioner (CGNP), Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Certified Nurse Midwife, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Family Practice Nurse Practitioner, General Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Neonatal Practitioner, Nurse Educator, Nursing Administrator, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Pain Management Nurse, and Wound Care/Ostomy Nurse.


Have you ever been at work and thought to yourself, “Someone should really come up with a solution for this?” Have you ever designed, developed, or introduced a new process to your unit? Nurses are innovative. We find ways to make things happen. We create solutions to problems. We often brainstorm towards finding ways to make others’ lives easier. We are truly game-changers, thought-leaders, and can sometimes also be entrepreneurs.


At least three RNs I know and/or have become aware of, recently boldly have gone where others have not. They’ve taken some thoughtful ideas and approaches, looked outside the basic Insurance driven clinical healthcare conglomerates, the same old tired clinic/hospital, with its’ often 1 size fits most boxed treatment(s), then recognizing both their special talents and how to best apply them to the special needs of individuals, This has been an absolutely stellar idea. 


Vazendah, a Wellness Company, was launched recently by my dear friend Mary Commerford 

Hewitt, RN, Certified Executive and Wellness Coach. She and her specialized Team are actively teaching men and women, young and old, how and what they can do to live a maximumly healthy life today and tomorrow. Her staff provide acupuncture, acupressure, reiki, specialized energy treatments, massages, individual coaching and more. Visit Mary’s Vazendah on Facebook or Instagram, at various media marketplaces, and at special events.


Another successful RN, Cara Dumaplin, a former Neonatal, L&D, and OB nurse, is a shining example of being a thought leader with ingenuity. She’s taken her nursing experience, love for babies, and sleep and has created her very own unique niche. See for yourself by visiting her at Instagram @takingcarababies


This next nurse will actually cause your jaw to drop open! The country of Haiti was hit by an earthquake later known to be the “fifth-deadliest natural disaster in all of history.” A total of 316, 000 people died and another 300,000 people were injured. The whole world ached for the communities of Haiti, and thousands of people flew in to assist with healing the damage that still afflicts the country to this day.

One of those persons to assist was Jacqueline Cassagnol, MSN, RN, Ph.D.(c) an accomplished nurse and professor from New York. She arrived in Haiti with a group of healthcare professionals to educate the community on first response and disaster preparedness. Jackie and her colleagues were in a Haitian classroom teaching CPR one day, when a student raised her hand and said something to Jackie that would change the course of her life forever. “If I had known what you are teaching us today, many less people would have died in this earthquake.” Because of this, Jackie was moved to create World Community First Responder (WCFR) a non-profit organization that provides health education, first response and emergency preparedness training for communities across the world.http://wcfrworldwide.org/

There’re many more options and opportunities for RNs and healthcare professionals Thousands, I am sure of. Please continue to keep in touch with your passion, your profession, and your patients. Am truly looking forward to applauding everyone.

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